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Life is full of surprises, ups and downs, and twists and turns. As quickly as you purchase your dream house, something could cause you to lose it. Sadly, a loss is not always preventable. What is preventable is the difficulty of starting over. Many do not think about home insurance until it is too late, like when their home has been destroyed by fire, a storm, or something else. As if the devastation of the tragedy is not enough to deal with, the family now must rebuild their lives.

For those without home insurance, this can be an unbearable process, especially if they have no money saved to pay for starting over. The cost of replacing clothing and personal items alone can be extensive. Replacing a home, valuables, possibly even money that was kept in the home? That is even harder. While home insurance cannot prevent fires, floods, theft, vandalism, and other damage, it can help you deal with the fallout. Having home insurance is like have money in savings to use should your home be damaged or destroyed. It can give the homeowner’s peace of mind to know that a loss would not necessarily destroy their family. Yes, it would be a journey to rebuild, but insurance can make that journey a little less bumpy.

The Carrillo Insurance Agency wants to help make that journey as smooth as possible. We know that every person and house is different and, therefore, need different things. We want to sit down with you and understand your unique lifestyle and home insurance needs. Give us a call today to meet your dedicated insurance team.

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